We make Maastricht sparkling again!

After two years dealing with the corona crisis, the time is ripe for our unique city to reopen its welcoming doors so that everyone, young and old, Maastricht resident and visitor, student and expat can enjoy our beautiful city once again. It is necessary for the municipality to provide a good business climate and provide ample scope for enterprising Maastricht. The Maastricht Entrepreneurs’ Party wants a seat at to join the table to help shape the plans for the next four important years. We want to make Maastricht sparkle again for everyone!

 The strength of Maastricht lies in the experience, a compact city with its history, monuments, world famous events in addition to the versatile shopping and catering on offer. The University and the MUMC+ strengthen this diversity and are also a significant economic factor. Maastricht is also unique in the combination of international allure and strong local traditions.

 We are convinced that liveability and a vibrant city go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs and residents need each other for a vibrant and liveable city centre. Vacancy and migrant residents are disastrous for the vitality and safety of inner cities. That is why we must focus on lively shopping streets, varied catering and a wide diversity of events and culture. A good and varied range of education and care makes life, living and working in Maastricht complete and attractive.

 Together with everyone who cares about an enterprising Maastricht, we want to ensure that Maastricht can be that beautiful bustling city again in the coming years. We hope we can count on your support and vote!